Conference Contact Information


Derek Blackadder                       Angela Zhu
Co-ordinator                           Conference Co-ordinator
LabourStart Canada                     LabourStart Toronto 2016       

Starting Friday 6 May the conference office (room TBA) will be open 
for questions, directions, advice and registration.



2 thoughts on “Conference Contact Information

  1. Dear Colleagues,

    I am a trade union leader representing the electricity and water sector in the Philippines, Our organization AGWWAS, an aggrupation of government workers in the local water districts, is an affiliate of the Public Services International (PSI). We are actually inclined to participate in the forthcoming Labourstart Global Solidarity Conference in Toronto, Canada, thus, we are asking the following:

    1. is the aforementioned conference open to all interested labor organization regardless of its affiliation, or political affiliation?

    2. is Labourstart will accept sponsorship program for those labor organization who are interested to join but has no funds to support its traveling expenses?

    3. if given a chance to participate, we are willing to share our best practices on union solidarity movements, e.g. Union organizing/consolidation; campaign for Public-Public Partnership on Water and Sanitation; ADB engagement on Core Labor Standards; ILO Pilot project on Social Dialogue on local water districts in the Philippines.

    I am looking forward to hear your prompt response on this matter. thanks

    for the workers,

    Victor G. Chiong
    President Emeritus, Alliance of Government Workers in the Water Sector (AGWWAS)
    President, Allied Cebu Electric Cooperative Labor Unions (ACLU)
    Convenor, Water, Electricity Consumers’ Advocacy in the Philippines (WECAP)


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