Register to attend the conference!


Click here to register to attend the conference.

Please note: the registration fee of $50CAD is to be paid when you sign-in at the conference and receive your conference kit.  Please bring a cheque made out to LabourStart (preferred) or cash (in Canadian funds).

4 thoughts on “Register to attend the conference!

    1. Hello, Bidur. Please email our conference coordinators at with your request. If you include your passport info and the info about the union you represent, we’d be happy to provide you with an invitation letter.


  1. I live in Toronto, but I am unable to attend this entire conference. However I’m interested in 2 sessions: Strategic Corporate Research, Parts 1 and 2, with Tom Juravich.

    Can I pay the conference fee at the conference opening, at the door as it were, or at the first of the sessions I wish to attend ?

    Thanks very much.


    1. Hi, Deborah. We’d love to have you come, even if it’s just for some parts of the conference. You can pay at the registration desk at the conference opening.


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