Useful Information

For delegates coming from out of the country, you may the following information helpful as you prepare for your trip. Feel free to contact Angela at if you have additional questions!

Social Media

Q: Is there a hashtag for the conference?
A: Of course! Tweet @LabourStart or @LabourStartCanE, and tag your Tweets with #LabourStart2016.

Where’s the Entrance?

Q: How do I find the registration desk for the conference?
A: There are many entrances into the various buildings, but the most convenient entrance in order to reach the registration table can be found via Victoria Street. Please refer to the map below:

Ryerson Entrance Map

Download the map here.



Q: How much does food cost in Toronto?
A: If you’re on a budget, there are a lot of very cheap food options around the conference location in downtown Toronto. You should be able to find lunches for $7-10 and dinners for $10-15. Toronto is also the heart of an exciting food scene, so if you’ve got some extra funds to spare, you can explore this list of innovative restaurants.

Q: Are there vegetarian/halal/kosher/gluten free options available?
A: Toronto residents abide by a variety of food restrictions, so nearly all major food restrictions will be clearly indicated on menus. Nearly all restaurants carry at least one vegetarian option. Most of our shawarma/donair shops will even have a “halal” sticker on the window. If it’s ever unclear, the servers will be happy to answer your questions.

Q: What if we want to cook our own food?
A: There are a few grocery stores nearby, including a large “Metro” supermarket at Yonge & College. They carry plenty of fruit, vegetable, bread, cheese, meat, juice, and ice cream.


Weather and Clothing

We highly recommend checking the Weather Network to find the exact temperatures to help you pack clothing for the trip.

It’s currently about 15 degrees Celsius here, but we expect that the weather will warm up to around 20 degrees Celsius by the beginning of May. You’ll definitely want to bring a light jacket and long trousers, as it may get chilly in the evenings. During the day, it may be warm enough to wear a thin shirt.


Childcare Options

We have a highly recommended childcare provider who will be available during the period of the conference. She has watched over children at many different c onferences and is licenced in Canada as a unionized childcare provider.

If you require childcare during the conference, please contact Angela directly at Angela will be happy to put you in touch with the childcare provider.


Accessibility Options

The conference facility is fully wheelchair accessible; however, if you require additional accessibility support, we request that you notify us as early as possible so that we can make the necessary arrangements. We’re happy to accommodate delegates of all types of accessibility needs!





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