Transportation in Toronto

The conference is located at Ryerson University, near the centre of downtown Toronto.


How to Travel to Ryerson University: Public Transit

The cheapest method of travelling from the Toronto Pearson Airport is via our local subway system, called the TTC. It costs $3.25 per ride.

[Note: If you plan to ride the subway more than 3 times during your stay in Toronto, you may save money buy purchasing single-ride tokens, which can be purchased at any subway station.]


1. Board the 192 Rocket.
Upon arriving at the international terminal at Toronto Pearson Airport, ask local airport staff to direct you to the 192 Rocket. This is a public bus that comes every 10-15 minutes. It costs $3.25 to board. Save your ticket, as you will need it again to transfer onto the subway.

2. Ride the 192 Rocket until you reach Kipling Subway Station.
After approximately 25 minutes, you will arrive at the subway station. Do not pay additional fees, as your ticket from the 192 allows for a free transfer onto the subway.

3. Ride the GREEN “Bloor-Danforth Line” eastbound until you reach the Bloor-Danforth Subway Station.
After approximately 20 minutes, you will arrive at the transfer subway station.

4. Ride the YELLOW “Yonge-University-Spadina Line” southbound until you reach Dundas Station.
If you have luggage, there are elevators available at this station to help you move between levels. In the early morning and between 3-6 pm, this station can become very busy. After approximately 7 minutes, you will arrive at College Station.

5. Get off the subway at Dundas Station.
You will likely exit the subway into a large shopping mall. Follow the crowd upwards until you reach the street level. You will be within 3 minutes’ walking distance of the conference location. If you need help, most passersby will be happy to point you toward Ryerson University from here.


How to Travel to Ryerson University: Private Taxi

If you prefer to take a taxi, you can call Beck Taxi at 416.751.5555. There will also be many taxis directly available at the airport.

It usually costs around $50-60 to get from the airport to downtown Toronto.